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    Typing Lag when Remoted into Surface Book in Power-Save mode

    Using my desktop PC to control the Surface Book works fine until the SB screen goes dark due to power save settings. Once the SB screen is dark, response to typing and mouse-clicking is delayed, eg, there is an intermittent delay in keyboard response as shown in the Remote Desktop window...
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    Surface RT_Remote Desktop_Tidal

    I've been listening to on my home stereo for the past year without any problems at all. Sounds great! A dedicated HP Laptop w/Windows 7 OS is hardwired to the DAC via a USB cable. I've been using the Tidal app instead of the Chrome browser since it sounds better. From my...
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    RDP to Surface Pro 3 much slower than to a "normal" PC

    I use RDP a lot, and with the normal Remote Desktop application I can work from home on my office PC, or from my office on my home PC (which are separated by 30 miles) as though I were sitting at the computer's own keyboard. However, if I try to RDP to my Surface Pro 3, even when it's sitting...