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Surface RT_Remote Desktop_Tidal


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I've been listening to Tidal.com on my home stereo for the past year without any problems at all. Sounds great! A dedicated HP Laptop w/Windows 7 OS is hardwired to the DAC via a USB cable. I've been using the Tidal app instead of the Chrome browser since it sounds better. From my listening chair across the room, I've been remotely managing the Tidal menu my Surface RT via the Remote Desktop App. A perfect remote control. Everything was working perfectly until recently.

The Tidal menu page on the Surface RT (via the Remote Desktop) would default to the highest resolution = the smallest font. So to enlarge the font on the Surface RT, I would simultaneously press Control, +. Voila - the font enlarged. Better yet, the Surface RT remembered that font size setting for months and months. There was no need to re-size the page every time I logged into Tidal.

Now, after several updates, it's weird. The music still plays fine but the font size control of the Tidal menu page is all screwed up. Upon logging in, the Tidal app defaults to the smallest font. Pressing Control,+ doesn't enlarge the font size now. But, pressing Control, Shift,+ does work, to enlarge. But need to press only Control,- to reduce (no need to add Shift). But, the Surface doesn't remember the setting for long. I need to re-size the font after scrolling through a few Tidal pages . Tedious.

Today, nothing works to enlarge the font size. Any suggestions?