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Typing Lag when Remoted into Surface Book in Power-Save mode


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Using my desktop PC to control the Surface Book works fine until the SB screen goes dark due to power save settings. Once the SB screen is dark, response to typing and mouse-clicking is delayed, eg, there is an intermittent delay in keyboard response as shown in the Remote Desktop window. I'll be typing a steady stream of characters (eg, into Notepad running on the SB), but after about 3-5 chars, it stops, and after a second or two, will spit out all the characters at once. Also, double-clicking to select a word (eg, in Notepad) behaves inconsistently, etc. This persists until I go over to the SB and tap the keyboard or track pad. The SB screen lights up, and the response is once again instantaneous.

@Microsoft Engineering: (1) Apparently the CPU power-save is locked to the screen-save; why isn't there a separate CPU speed setting in the power-save settings ?
(2) I don't see any setting in Remote Desktop or Remote Connections Manager that tells the server to wake up in response to remote keyboard/mouse activity; is there a way ?

This occurs regardless of whether the controlling desktop is running Win-10 or Win-7, the SB is running v.1703 or 1607, using Remote Desktop or Remote Connections Manager.

There is no lag in cursor response to mouse movement.

The same desktop PC controlling an older Dell Laptop running Win-7 does not show this behavior; response is always instantaneous, even when the laptop screen goes dark.

Anyway, the work-around for now is to set the screen to 'never' turn off, and close the lid (which turns off the screen) when operated remotely. Just have to remember to change it back for regular use.
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