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    get recovery key to restore System Image

    I am new to Surface and new to Windows 10. I created a System Image to an external drive few days ago when I received my newly bought used Surface Pro 3. After few days play with the tablet, I want to restore the Windows 10 tablet to the state recorded by that System Image. But I was asked to...
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    Easy Surface Duplication?

    I've ordered a Surface Pro 5 (lets call a spade a spade) to replace my dying SP3. For the past two decades as a windows user, everytime I buy a new device I am stuck spending days of frustration simply trying to get the new machine setup with the same data, software, and settings as the...
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    Recovery partition/image recovery

    Hello everyone. I got a SPro3 with 8.1. I wanted to upgrade to Windows 10 and so I did, from within the system. Then I managed to save a system image using Acronis True Image, successfully. But then comes the issue. After the image I've made some modifications such as creating a new user and...