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    Samsung AA-PB9NC6W replacement doubts

    Hi all I have a two year old Samsung AA-PB9NC6W laptop. For the past couple of months, the battery has begun to seriously deteriorate in performance... If the laptop is switched off with full power, by the time I boot, only 5 minutes is now available before it turns off... Hence, I am looking...
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    What external display to get for Surface Pro 4

    Hello, I have been researching which monitor to get for my Surface Pro 4. I would really like to get the Samsung C34f791, but it is not on the list of SP4 compatible monitors from Microsoft: Troubleshoot Surface Dock and Surface docking stations | Get help with docking stations for Surface...
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    Video lag Surface Pro 2 with 3,440 x 1,440 monitor

    I recently bought a brand new UW34 Samsung monitor s34e790c (3,440 x 1,440) and connected it with my surface pro. I got a really nice and crispy wide resolution, but as soon as I play a video its runs surper slow. Video play includes youtube and locally stored videos. HOWEVER, as soon as I...