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Samsung AA-PB9NC6W replacement doubts


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Hi all
I have a two year old Samsung AA-PB9NC6W laptop. For the past couple of months, the battery has begun to seriously deteriorate in performance... If the laptop is switched off with full power, by the time I boot, only 5 minutes is now available before it turns off...

Hence, I am looking at replacing the battery. The following are my doubts
1. The laptop was purchased in the US. Will there be any difficulty getting replacement battery here?
2. Should I contact Dell or will local stores have replacements?
3. Will it be possible to go for 9 cell batteries for improved battery life?
4. Can power surges affect battery life? Is it necessary to connect the power through a surge protector?
5. More often than not I use the laptop when connected to power, but regularly I need to work without power. Hence, I cant remove the battery as recommended by many. Is it better to have the power always on or regularly discharge the batteries?
6. I am thinking of getting a cooling pad to improve battery heat dissipation. I want one that is cheap (less than 1000 preferably) and effective. Please suggest brand and model along with approximate cost.

ps: how about Samsung AA-PB9NC6W accu

Thanks in advance


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Welcome to the Surface enthusiast forums, @Danaefiona It is doubtful you will get a satisfactory response from here. You should probably try a Samsung forum.

Thread moved to "Sansung Tablets".


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