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What external display to get for Surface Pro 4


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I have been researching which monitor to get for my Surface Pro 4. I would really like to get the Samsung C34f791, but it is not on the list of SP4 compatible monitors from Microsoft: Troubleshoot Surface Dock and Surface docking stations | Get help with docking stations for Surface Book, Surface Pro, and Surface 3. However, this list is from October 2016, and this monitor has just come out in December 2016, so perhaps it has not been reviewed yet.

My question is: has anyone gotten this monitor and used it with the SP4? Or alternatively has anyone used the Dell U3417W with the SP4 (also not on Microsoft's list but released in July 2016) ? Or the LG 34UC88-B (released January 2016, not on Microsoft list)? I'm basically looking for a 34 inch curved display for my SP4 and want to know any options that would work with it, and it would be great to know before I purchase which monitors are compatible!

Any information would be appreciated!

Thank you,

It looks like you'll be one of the first few to try one of these monitors out with an SP4. Any of those monitors you specified should work with the SP4 according to the link you provided since the maximum resolution is 4096x2304@60Hz.

I can't comment about those monitors unfortunately, but I run a Dell U3415W and it works like a charm :)
This is a late reply, but in case someone is searching...

The LG 34UC88-B is compatible with the Surface Pro 4 directly, but it is NOT compatible with the dock. It will not sleep or turn itself off with the computer when plugged into the dock. I have the latest dock firmware as of today, 2.9.something and still the dock is finicky with certain monitors. I thought they would have fixed the dock by now.

I'm just worried that the constant connecting and disconnecting will eventually damage the built in mini-displayport. But that is what I am stuck with doing for now.