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    Weird camera shutter noise on start up and shutdown

    I recently purchased a Surface Go and am enjoying it so far except for one minor detail. Every time I start it or turn it off it makes a clicking noise that sounds a bit like a camera shutter (I am not paranoid about anyone taking pictures of me, I just find the sound annoying). It also makes...
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    SP4 i7 8ram 256hdd - thermometer icon screen

    Hi, I bought a Surface pro 4 with the specifications noted above. It happens that when I play in it is suddenly suspended and when I give it to turn on again it appears a screen with a thermometer. Please inform me if this is normal or if it is a hardware problem, if it serves something I just...
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    Direct Shuts Down less than 2-3 seconds after Low Battery Warning - Surface Pro 3 (Windows 10)

    Hi, I own a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 (Version 1703). Windows 10 now directly shuts dow (hibernates) my Surface Pro 3 only less than 2-3 seconds after Low Battery Warning. FYI, I use Battery X app, to monitor my battery. So far my discharge rate is between 15-20%. So what's wrong...
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    Since Win 10 Anniv, SP3 shuts down without warning

    My surface pro 3 turns off without warning, although I have turned on the battery warnings in power settings (at 15%) It happened today after 30s of Windows usage at 11am, so I plugged it in to charge. Ran the battery report a few hours later: 2016-10-11 12:27:38 Active...