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Since Win 10 Anniv, SP3 shuts down without warning


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My surface pro 3 turns off without warning, although I have turned on the battery warnings in power settings (at 15%)

It happened today after 30s of Windows usage at 11am, so I plugged it in to charge. Ran the battery report a few hours later:

2016-10-11 12:27:38 Active Battery 99 % 41,017 mWh
12:39:00 Report generated Battery 99 % 41,017 mWh

It didn't even register the 30s of usage from earlier...

I have the latest updates. Is this common behaviour? It used to work fine up until a month ago.

edit: Some suspicious entries from the report:
21:18:36 Active Battery 74 % 30,643 mWh
21:21:53 Suspended 73 % 30,301 mWh
22:05:02 Active AC 20 % 8,413 mWh


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The issue is a new setting in AU. It is called (translated from German), "Save energy when my device detects I am not working".

You can find it in settings, system, power and energy savings. Turn it off and you should be OK.
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