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    Skype Vidoes on the Surface Hub Limitations

    Hello -- Does anyone know if there is a way to have more than two Skype video windows showing on the Surface Hub during a Skype call? We have been testing and if we have three or four Skype users, only two show and then as they talk, they will switch, but only two at a time. Any information...
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    Bad Video Call Quality Skype for Business

    Hey Just got a new Surface Book 2 here to test in our enterprise environment Got one issue that cannot seem to shake here: when making video call to another person in our network with skype for business the video quality is very bad have tried: Checked front facing camera driver it is latest...
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    tethering Issues with Microsoft Blue Phone

    tethering Issues with Microsoft Blue Phone (darn no. Way to edit my spelling mistake in heading ... sorry :( ) Of course I want a LIVE surface with LTE. But finally broke down on waiting for an unlocke3d version and bought the regular Surface 3 and...