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tethering Issues with Microsoft Blue Phone

tethering Issues with Microsoft Blue Phone
(darn no. Way to edit my spelling mistake in heading ... sorry :( )

Of course I want a LIVE surface with LTE. But finally broke down on waiting for an unlocke3d version and bought the regular Surface 3 and the Microsoft Blu HD phone as the hot spot provider

First lesson: TURN off dropbox syncing when feathers to cell phone. Yikes that cost me!

Problem is that the Cell phone WiFi hot spot says that they will disconnect after several mins of none use and they are not kidding.

I find myself disconnecting every 5-10 mins.
SO what's the solution?
Thinking I could find a app that does a minimal download every 5 mins to keep the hotspot happy that we are still alive??

Anyone experience good success tethering to a surface for hours of intermittent use?? I use this tablet is for Skype primarily.


A dedicated wifi hotspot is your best bet. It's designed for being a hotspot, not for being a phone. Battery life is MUCH better than a phone's battery life.


I give up.. upgrading to surface 3 lte asap. all my ipads have been live for last 5 years.... tethering will not work for me!