1. C

    Surface Sound Settings Unresponsive After USB Soundbar Plugged In

    I'm having an issue with an AC511 soundbar on Windows 10 21H2 on a SPro7. We have tried different soundbars (both AC511), docking stations (MS Dock for Business 2,) monitors (with data cable going to docking station,) docked/undocked, and plugging directly into the Surface (both charging and...
  2. mikecox

    Sound volume drop off

    I was setting up my recently replaced SB when the sound volume suddenly dropped off, which used to happen with my original SB. Eventually, the volume returned, as it always did on my original SB, but why is this happening again, on a brand new machine. Just like it did on the old one? I...
  3. mikecox

    Sudden drop in sound

    I just got my Surface replaced and while setting it up the sound volume suddenly dropped off, which used to happen with my original Surface. The first time it happened on my old Surface I thought it was Pandora. I contacted them and they said no, they were not having a problem. Eventually...
  4. T

    RT - No Sound?!?

    Hello, I am having some trouble with my RT, as it gives no sound when there should be (i.e. playing a game). Other information that could help you with helping me is that : a) even if headphones are plugged in, there's still no sound b) I have the latest update Thank You and Have a Good day
  5. S

    sound issue when casting surface to smart tv

    hi. i have a techwood smart tv and i'm having problems with the sound when I cast my surface wirelessly to it. when sound plays it makes a sort of monotone Crackle. A bit like static. This is a hit of an issue when l want to watch a film or listen to music. any suggestions?
  6. D

    Solved Sound issue

    Can anyone offer advice on solving my distorted sound issue? I am using Surface Pro 4, i5 4MB RAM, Windows 10 Pro Version 1511. When I play sound in my browser, 90% of the time it will be slow and distorted. It happens - in Chrome ( version 50.0.2661.102) and Edge. - with Google Play...
  7. P

    Audio Equalizer?

    Hey there! So on my Surface Pro 4, I really like the sound by default, though I would like to be able to adjust it. I sometimes connect my Surface Pro 4 to my external 2.1 speakerset with subwoofer, and I would like to adjust the lower tones a bit (lower). Also just in general I like to have an...
  8. C

    Questions Before I Order

    So I am about to order the Surface Book 256/i7/8. And wanted to know some of your opinions. I have been looking around the past few days on this forum and as expected I saw a pretty good amount of issues being the 1st gen for this product. So far what I have seen is a not so good battery...
  9. K

    Hissing Noise

    Today my Microsoft Surface 3 began making a very loud intermittent hissing noise. Doesn't seem related to any app, but none of my music or sounds will play ~~ just the hissing noise. Even if the sound is turned off or muted the hiss occurs. Please help. Valerie
  10. V

    Solved Fix sound problems

    I (un)intentionally hid the devices for my SP's speaker and couldn't get them back through the usual Device Manager methods (Re-enable was disabled), but Microsoft's "Audio Playback Diag" tool fixed it. I was pretty impressed that the tool found all my disabled/hidden sound devices and...
  11. C

    Surface RT headphone jack not detected?

    I have had my surface RT for around a year now, and I have been satisfied with it. However, recently my surface has not recognized any of my 3 fully functional headphones. Even when I plug in a pair of headphones, nothing happens. Is my headphone jack broken? I would rather not send it to...