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Solved Fix sound problems


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I (un)intentionally hid the devices for my SP's speaker and couldn't get them back through the usual Device Manager methods (Re-enable was disabled), but Microsoft's "Audio Playback Diag" tool fixed it. I was pretty impressed that the tool found all my disabled/hidden sound devices and seamlessly fixed the one I wanted.

Fix sound problems - Windows Help -

Haven't heard of this tool before so had to share. Thanks Microsoft!


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Sounds nice, cheers.

Still having two small audio issues:
  • On the Volume Mixer I always select the System Sounds to 5% but on Windows 10 it resets back to it's original value every time I turn the Surface off and on again. Never had a problem on any previous versions of Windows
  • Sometimes Groove will not output sound. I have to reboot my Surface to get it back
Anyone else seeing either of these?


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Never seen either of these problems on my SPro.

The reason I ran the tool, though, was indeed that I couldn't get sound through my speaker but that was a global, all-apps problem, not just Groove.