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Hey there!

So on my Surface Pro 4, I really like the sound by default, though I would like to be able to adjust it. I sometimes connect my Surface Pro 4 to my external 2.1 speakerset with subwoofer, and I would like to adjust the lower tones a bit (lower). Also just in general I like to have an equalizer available.

Now on many other devices I usually found that the Realtek drivers came with an equalizer, but on the Surface Pro 4, unfortunately not. I've tried installing random latest "Realtek SST" drivers, but the soundchip stopped working, so I reverted back to the original ones that came with the device. Also The Realtek website itself seems to be down whole weekend?

Anyway, I'm wondering if you guys know of any option to get a decent equalizer working system-wide on the Surfacde Pro 4, without installing a whole software package, such as DFX or SRS, etc.

Thanks in advance!