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    make it possible: 2 secondary Monitors on SP2

    Dear all! I couldn't find a solution for my particular problem, may someone can guide me through this please? I bought a new Monitor (Samsung S27E330) and I'm pretty new to multimonitoring, so I didn't check if this Monitor is capable of that. Now it only has an RGB in - VGA Port on the...
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    Alternative Stylus?

    I was wondering if this stylus works for the Surface Pro 2? Amazon.com: Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel for Galaxy Note Black: Computers & Accessories I just got a hold of a Surface Pro 2 and need to get a stylus that would be suitable for drawing, and the Wacom Bamboo Feel Carbon is a steep $80, so I...
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    BSOD on boot and slow Wifi when docked

    OS: windows 8.1 Surface: Pro 2 43000u i5 256GB Windows update: installed when i boot the surface while docked in docking station...its stuck on the surface logo with spinning animation then after a few minutes, it BSOD. DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. if i boot the surface not docked, it boots just...