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make it possible: 2 secondary Monitors on SP2

Lorenz Jahn

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Dear all!

I couldn't find a solution for my particular problem, may someone can guide me through this please?

I bought a new Monitor (Samsung S27E330) and I'm pretty new to multimonitoring, so I didn't check if this Monitor is capable of that.

Now it only has an RGB in - VGA Port on the backside next to its HDMI-Cable which I plugged in to my SP2 (Windows 10) using an Adapter.

As far as I could find out, there is no way how I can plug in my old Monitor (Samsungs Syncmaster 913v) with its VGA-cable on my SP2 as well.

Maybe you know a trick around? Is there some sort of external HUB or something that can make this happen?

Thanks for all your help!

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You will probably need something like the Surface Dock though others may work.

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