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BSOD on boot and slow Wifi when docked


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OS: windows 8.1
Surface: Pro 2 43000u i5 256GB
Windows update: installed

when i boot the surface while docked in docking station...its stuck on the surface logo with spinning animation then after a few minutes, it BSOD. DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. if i boot the surface not docked, it boots just fine. ive tested booting it without anything connected, still same.
also, when docked the wifi is buggy. there are no disconnection problems, just slow...super slow. when i ping my router, undocked its 1ms but when docked, it ranges from 80ms to 4000ms and sometimes timeout. i tested if the problem is my router that is far from my room, but its not. i used another access point beside the surface. but still the ping increase when docked. only when docked, if i remove it from the dock, it resumes to normal speed(example. when downloading file, if docked, speed drops to 30%).

my work-around on the slow wifi is let the surface boot until login screen, then i dock the surface. SOMETIMES the wifi problem is solved by docking before logging in but recently it does not work. so when im using the internet, i just connect my monitor directly to the surface.