1. afathypc

    Windows 11 Enterprise key

    I bought a used Microsoft laptop surface studio and I found it came with windows 11 enterprise but it can't be activated. How can I activate it or get activation key?
  2. T

    Bluetooth Mystery

    I've only owned my Surface Studio for a couple of days, but have had to reset it (restore to factory default, at least 3 times) Sometimes after a reboot all access to Bluetooth disappears. It becomes hidden in the Device Manager, it disappears from device settings, and no updating drivers nor...
  3. R

    Wifi disconnecting

    Howdy folks- Not so sure this is a Studio-only prob, but since getting my Studio this week, I noticed the wifi will disconnect after sleeping for a bit - which makes signing in via camera or even by PIN impossible as they require a net connection (why, I don't know -- I guess those sign-ins are...
  4. S

    recording samples

    Can anyone suggest I program/app that will enable me to record sections of MP3's I have on my surface pro, either saved on the had drive or recording a sample while playing an Amazon song that is playing from the cloud?? Is there a program that will also enable me to continuously play that...