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Bluetooth Mystery


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I've only owned my Surface Studio for a couple of days, but have had to reset it (restore to factory default, at least 3 times) Sometimes after a reboot all access to Bluetooth disappears. It becomes hidden in the Device Manager, it disappears from device settings, and no updating drivers nor uninstall/redetect tricks work. The reset feature does bring everything back, but rebooting is now scary. Not to mention that the keyboard and mouse aren't available, so you either have to use the pen or find a wired keyboard and mouse when this occurs.

I've created multiple restore points after every install, just in case.

Anyone else run into this yet?


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Anything less than perfect in the first 30 days... return it for a refund and buy another unless they offer a swap for a guaranteed "new" unit. However, be careful, replacements can be refurbished units that's why I recommend the refund route within the 30 day return window.


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Have you tried removing your Bluetooth adapter from Device Manager (Control Panel)? Immediately Cold Reboot (2-button method) after removing.

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