surface 4 pro

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    Water damage glitched a couple keys

    I had accidentally spilled a bit of water on to my surface pro 4 laptop and let it dry by itself, now the H key types ''8-u[shn'', quotes is ''9=o]d'm'', G types ''`7ypagb'', mute button presses mute and -, and Left Control is CTRL, ESC, and F5/volume-down rocker. Any advice to fix this?
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    Surface PRO 4 - disposable equipment. it works 2 years and it fails (sudden death). it's a trash.

    Dear All Sorry for my comment, but I am totally disappointed with the flagship product of Microsoft. It's expensive, bad and without post-sales support. I have a Surfacer PRO 4. After 2 years, it died totally, without a reason. Does not turn on or respond to all resuscitation processes...

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