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Surface PRO 4 - disposable equipment. it works 2 years and it fails (sudden death). it's a trash.

Where is there technical service to repair Surfer 4 PRO in Chile?

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Luis Ceroni

New Member
Dear All

Sorry for my comment, but I am totally disappointed with the flagship product of Microsoft. It's expensive, bad and without post-sales support.

I have a Surfacer PRO 4. After 2 years, it died totally, without a reason.

Does not turn on or respond to all resuscitation processes (sudden death): 30 second power button, 15 second power button plus volume button +

Request a repair in the microsoft portal and do not give satisfactory answers and there is no technical service to repair it.

This product works while the warranty lasts, then it has to go to the garbage (It's trash)

Any comments or recommendations?


Luis Ceroni M


Hi Luis.

Sorry to hear about your experience.

I'm not a technical expert, but have been a surface pro user for the past 5 years.

Care to share your story in more detail?