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    Poor screen quality in excel on Surface Pro 2017

    Hi, I have a new Surface Pro 2017 with O365 In excel, when I start a new sheet en draw a border around a cell, i cannot see that border. only when i zoom in to 200% or more, the border becomes visible (sometimes) Seems that resolution is not correct but display is set at recommended resulotion...
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    Apps Moving to My Main Display When I Lock My Surface Pro 2017

    I have docked my SP to two BenQ monitors and I have set them up so that all three screens are extended (each screen is independent). Recently, however, when I lock my screens, all my open applications have moved to my main display (My Surface Pro) when I come back. It never used to do this, any...
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    Erase button click doesn't open Windows Ink

    Hi, I have been using my SP 2017 for about 3 weeks, and suddenly it's been a few days that clicking the erase button does not work to open Windows Ink to create a sketch. The stylus works to draw and erase, but not clicking the erase button. I have checked the Windows Ink config and it seems...
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    Surface Pro 2017 w Toshiba SSD

    Bought a SP2017 yesterday and it had really bad light bleed so i exchanged for another today. Better screen but to my surprise it had a terribly slow Toshiba SsD in it rather than the Samsung. I thought only surface laptop was using that Toshiba drive. Anyway to tell by looking at the box before...
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    Surface Pro - worst warranty experience ever!!!!

    I've had the worse experience possible with the Surface Pro Microsoft Complete warranty. The funny thing is that I am not even trying to get Microsoft to make a repair or pay for a replacement. For the last 2 days I've been trying to purchase the extended warranty. When I initially ordered my...
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    Keyboards with/without fingerprint sensor

    The (official Microsoft) keyboard for the Surface 2017 doesn't appear have a fingerprint sensor, and that there are SP4 keyboards with and without the sensor. I've never had a laptop with a fingerprint sensor, but find the one on my iPhone to be quite handy and suspect I'd use it on the Surface...
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    Surface Pro 2017 - disappearing start screen icons

    Hi Windows 10 -fully updated This issue is most annoying. When I start or restart, all the icons are present. After a short time, they disappear (not ALL of them, but about 90% of them. The hover text still works OK and is the only way (other than my memory) that I can use this menu to start...