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I've had the worse experience possible with the Surface Pro Microsoft Complete warranty. The funny thing is that I am not even trying to get Microsoft to make a repair or pay for a replacement. For the last 2 days I've been trying to purchase the extended warranty. When I initially ordered my Surface Pro 2017 online I attempted to include Microsoft Complete . I figured since I was already spending over $3200 including accessories, might as well get the 2 yr extended warranty for $119 for peace of mind.

I was initially really excited when my Surface Pro shipped and I received it. However, soon after I noticed there was no mention of the MS Complete warranty.

Over the last couple days I've literally spent hours talking to 6 different call center representatives somewhere in Asia being bounced from one department to the next trying to correct that initial order. Shockingly, nobody in this "technology" company is competent enough to figure out how to add it to my order.

Apparently the "best option" is for me to ship back the computer that I've already spent days setting up applications, my personal files etc and purchase another Surface Pro entirely. What a colossal waste of time and money!

Given the level of incompetence I've witnessed with something as simple as correcting a purchase transaction, I can only imagine what it will be like when I actually need them to honour a warranty claim.

Looks like Consumer Reports has only revealed the tip of the iceberg! Buyer beware, best of luck if you actually need help with your Surface Pro.


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Welcome. Sorry to hear of the experience. Personally I would never phone any tech companies support lines. I have always had great results just using the microsoft online live chat. I also had issues with my complete warranty, but 5 minutes on live chat and everything was cleared up and updated.


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I had some trouble purchasing the extended warranty on line (lots of voice mail mazes) but I was able to get it quickly by going to a Microsoft store. I also got them to honor the special price of $129 that they had on their website. I was reasonably happy by the end of the experience. But they definitely are not Apple in terms of customer service.

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Had a terrible experience here too, on a different matter. Do agree with @hughlle though, it does take a while but online chat usually gives the best results!


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I've been now waiting 3 weeks past the declared tax refund date, also having spent hours talking to different reps (including calling the US from Poland). So yeah, I know what you mean - MS is a mess. Though to be fair, I was satisfied with the recent tech support I received (including desktop sharing).