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  1. C

    I need to reinstall windows on surface RT!

    I have a surface rt with windows 8.1 and I don't have the bitlocker code. In which way you can reinstall / factory reset the surface without the need of the bitlocker code?. Where to find a Windows installation image compatible with the surface?. Thank you
  2. J

    Get into my Surface RT since I forgot my password

    It's been years since I've used my Surface RT. I used it when I started college and it was very useful in its applications and the fact that it's lighter than a laptop saved my back for the time being back in late 2013. As time went on, I saved up to get my own desktop computer and also got a...
  3. R

    "Installed app Missing

    Navmii was selected from the Store for installation. The app showed as "installing," but it doesn't show up in apps screen, or in downloads. Tried it several times. I even did a restart. No help. ??
  4. M

    Type Cover (1) isn't working

    My Type cover isn't working (I have no backlight so I guess I have the first version) At first when it stopped working correctly it sometimes worked when it had a certain angle between the keyboard and the screen. Now I can't seem to find this "hotspot". I read this could be caused by a bad...
  5. S


    Hi, does anybody know if it is possible to connect a vcds cable to the surface rt and read fault codes from a vehicle ? (car)
  6. J

    Touchscreen Not Working

    so recently I have been having issues with my touchscreen. one morning the battery got to low and died, when I charged it and turning it back on and the touchscreen doesn't work. I have tried a bunch of methods online and none have worked.
  7. M

    Problem with Surface RT

    Hello everyone, I have been having a problem with my Surface RT lately. It was working perfectly fine the night before but now the screen is incredibly zoomed out, making the print hard to read. I have to use the touch screen to zoom in and make the webpage fit the screen and now it is...
  8. iMarc

    Turn on for 3 seconds then shut down....

    Recently got a Surface RT 64 Gig used. Already tested it plugged for a long time, no result. The light on the charger is lit... Hard reset, no success.... Could it be that the battery need to be changed, or something else ??? Thank everyone.
  9. H

    Surface RT with surface pro 3 type cover possible?

    Hii there, I've got a question. I'm got an old surface 2 RT but it works fine and I love it. Now I want to buy a surface pro 3 type cover, but is it possible to connect a surface pro 3 type cover on the surface 2 RT? I would like to hear the answer, Kind regards, Harm
  10. Neilbug

    Surface RT crashes during Youtube video playback

    My Surface RT is probably about 2 or 3 years old now, and it suffers from an annoying problem when playing YouTube videos. I am a massive gamer and use my surface alot for watching game guides and walkthroughs on YouTube. However if I pause a video and put the tablet to the side I often find...
  11. H

    Surface RT wont turn on.

    Hello guys, i have a surface rt that stopped working 1 month ago. The tablet dont turn one. Already tried all the steps outlined by the microsoft site Surface won’t turn on | Windows won’t start | Troubleshoot Surface battery. I live in Brazil and i cant take it to technical support as there...
  12. C

    Surface RT headphone jack not detected?

    I have had my surface RT for around a year now, and I have been satisfied with it. However, recently my surface has not recognized any of my 3 fully functional headphones. Even when I plug in a pair of headphones, nothing happens. Is my headphone jack broken? I would rather not send it to...