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Surface RT with surface pro 3 type cover possible?


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Hii there,

I've got a question.

I'm got an old surface 2 RT but it works fine and I love it. Now I want to buy a surface pro 3 type cover, but is it possible to connect a surface pro 3 type cover on the surface 2 RT?

I would like to hear the answer,

Kind regards,



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I think I read a while ago here on the forum someone trying the opposite. According to searches it should be possible, but he couldn't get it to work.
As it happens my neighbour has a sp3 and his mother has a s2. I can ask him if he is willing to try it.
Otherwise you can always go to a local store and ask them if you can test one of the sp3's type covers. I did this once to test if my s3 or my type cover w's defective. Was not aan issue at all


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Then I think I will buy it, the connectors are exactly the same as the touch cover I got right now, and that one will work on my surface RT.

Plantje can u ask him if he wants to try it?

Perhaps still someone else who can tell me for sure or this will work?