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Get into my Surface RT since I forgot my password


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It's been years since I've used my Surface RT. I used it when I started college and it was very useful in its applications and the fact that it's lighter than a laptop saved my back for the time being back in late 2013. As time went on, I saved up to get my own desktop computer and also got a laptop for either Black Friday or Christmas.

I was able to rediscover the charger since the battery's not that great anymore, but I don't remember the password. Knowing me I have a gut feeling I didn't write it down somewhere and I wanna get back into it to see what I had left over in its files. Does anyone know any way to bypass the password screen so I can change the password within? I'd appreciate any help whatsoever!



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Generally speaking, once the password is reset, it means that you can access the computer without a password. As for the new password is not accepted, it may be that you entered the wrong password. Anyway, after my password was reset, I logged in to Surface laptop without password.
Please try this:
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