touch pad

  1. A

    Solved Specific touchpad issue

    Hi guys, I've read up on loads of threads about the touchpad issues on the surface book but no matter what I try I can't solve the problem! It's a really weird case where everytime I move my laptop or adjust the screen, the keyboard and touchpad freeze completely and I have to reboot! I've also...
  2. A

    Right Click on Type Cover Touchpad not Working

    Hi all, this is going to sound really odd but any help would be much appreciated. A user at my place of work uses a trackball mouse with her SP4, as well as the touchpad on her type cover at times. We used 'X Mouse Button Control' to configure the trackball mouse and at first, this worked...
  3. P

    Surface Pro 3 touchpad issue

    Hi, I have a Surface Pro 3, and this issue has been plaguing me, pretty much from the beginning. Tapping on the touchpad and then releasing it doesn't release the mouse pointer. I can't click on anything else, as the mouse pointer is still not released. I can only get it to release by actually...
  4. Windywave

    Changing Surface Type Cover Touchpad Options

    In order to type more efficiently I frequently turn off the touchpad on my SP4 using the standard "Windows+I>Devices>Mouse & touchpad>Touchpad On/Off Switch" action. (This, frankly, is due to my sloppy hands which will drag across the touchpad relocating the cursor and requiring significant...
  5. B

    After last update touchpad doesn't work?

    Is it just me, but my touch pad does not work. The latest SB update was installed 2 days ago and the touch pad worked before that. My ARC mouse still works and touch is fine.