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Solved Specific touchpad issue


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Hi guys, I've read up on loads of threads about the touchpad issues on the surface book but no matter what I try I can't solve the problem!

It's a really weird case where everytime I move my laptop or adjust the screen, the keyboard and touchpad freeze completely and I have to reboot! I've also noticed it has to be on a flat desk to work so if I have it on my lap it freezes again!

This is driving me crazy now to such a point where I'm seriously considering getting rid!

I've tried updating the drivers in windows update but nothing seems to work - is anybody else experiencing this and can anybody please help me out?


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Solved via PM and Skype session with @Axiom .

Eject the clipboard (screen), clean the blade connectors and air blow out the ports. Reboot.
All is well now.
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