1. M

    Surface book 2 touchpad issue

    Hello! Sorry to post a question as my first post, let me know if there's a forum where I should introduce myself before :) I've just received a Surface Book 2 (i7, 1TB, 16GB RAM), and I have a question about the touchpad. The top part (the part closer to the keys) is very hard to press, while...
  2. C

    Touchpad issue after latest Surface update

    After a 12/19/2017 update I could no longer use the touchpad to scroll in Excel 2010. I assumed the problem lay with Excel and spent the last couple of days trying various fixes. Then, I thought perhaps a recent update to Windows 10 or the SP4 might be the culprit. Sure enough, as soon as I...
  3. S

    Cursor/pointer disappeared

    Hi, My cursor has vanished! Poof! Gone! It started intermittently freezing and disappearing, but it occasionally came back. Now I can't see it at all. I've tried cleaning the connections as suggested on a Microsoft page somewhere. It didn't work. When I checked the Device Manager - Mice...
  4. T

    Solved Powered USB Hub for SP4 with Dock and no Jitters?

    Hi I have a big problem with a jittery cursor when I use my SP4 with the type cover touchpad. I use the SP4 with the Surface Dock running the latest firmware. I need more USB connections than provided by the Dock and so I am trying a powered USB hub (this one...
  5. B

    Touchpad scroll settings

    hi, 2nd day with my (first ever tablet) SP4 (i7/8GB/256GB), slowly installing and configuring my software - so far, so good, haven't really noticed anything wrong with it! One thing that I'd like to tweak is the touchpad vertical scroll speed - on Word 2016 for example it takes 4 or 5 gestures...
  6. S

    Surface Pro 4 Touchpad not working after last upgrade

    It appears that after the last upgrade to the surface pro 4, my touchpad doesn't work anymore. I know the touchpad works in the bios area after doing a volume up-power button reset, but when windows starts the touchpad stops. Have reset the spro4 to remove any programs and apps that I had...
  7. K

    Not able to scroll with Touchpad in Mozilla, Chrome etc.

    Hi All, Couple of weeks ago there was this huge Update on my Surface 3 Pro (Windows 10). Ever since I am not able to scroll through pages using two fingers on the touchpad in Mozilla & Chrome. It is only working with Edge. I checked all settings in the browsers and in computer settings and...
  8. P

    Three finger swipe on touchpad - I want it to go back and forth for webpages and explorer

    I have a SP3 with a SP4 type cover and stylus. On my MacBook Pro's with their current generation touchpads, I can swipe three fingers left and right and program what I want it to do. Specifically, I have it set to go back and forth, which is useful when browsing the internet. To my...
  9. BorisHristov

    Touchpad going completely crazy in Chrome

    Just curious - I switched to Chrome because I saw a lot of battery drain from Edge. However, if anyone else is using Chrome on Surface Pro 4, when you are selecting some text via the touchpad, is the mouse going completely, completely crazy? What I mean by that is that if I select in the right...
  10. H

    Surface Pro 3 Touchpad

    Is there any way to tweak the touchpad settings on the Surface Pro 3 keyboard in order to create a better user experience? I know with the Surface Pro 4 keyboard that a lot of these issues will more than likely be resolved but I wanted to try and make a better experience for the user now.
  11. F

    SP4 Type Cover touch pad 5mm movement deadzone

    Hi guys. I have noticed why I feel sometimes the touchpad (on an otherwise near perfect SP4 Type cover) is a little unresponsive. I must move my finger about 5 mm before it first registers movement. Once triggered, I can move my hand by less than 5 mm, and it works fine, so it's definitely not...