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SP4 Type Cover touch pad 5mm movement deadzone

Does your SP4 type cover have this same deadzone effect?

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Hi guys. I have noticed why I feel sometimes the touchpad (on an otherwise near perfect SP4 Type cover) is a little unresponsive.

I must move my finger about 5 mm before it first registers movement. Once triggered, I can move my hand by less than 5 mm, and it works fine, so it's definitely not a problem with sensitivity. My Surface pro 4 is completely up to date.

Is this something everyone has, and is it something that can be corrected? It's quite a nuisance when dealing with small GUI's.


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It makes it very hard to use for just about anything really. Worse touchpad I've ever used, its bizarre that it could be so sensitive and yet ignore so many inputs


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I have the same problem . Moving finger makes tap working. Problem starts when you stop using touchpad for more then 2 seconds. After that tap and double fingers scrolling not working until you move your finger. The only thing which works then is moving cursor. All that problem are on right half of the touchpad. Left side works perfect all the time. Is it the same with yours?


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I signed up just to reply. My TC4 also has this issue. If the MS store had the cyan cover in stock I would exchange it, but they don't. Support said this was a cover defect but it clearly is software.

FWIW, I have a SP3 with a Type Cover 4 (TC4)


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My problem is that the touchpad is unresponsive on the right when I wait > 3 sec between dragging the mouse (pointer) to an item and clicking it: http://answers.microsoft.com/de-de/...eite-des/58a5ce54-ed96-405f-a68d-57ae65ade29e I did replace first the TC and then the Surface, and nothing changed with the new devices.

Other Win10 convertibles don't have this issue, so it seems not due to Win10. Is it a hardware failure? In my work reality it's extremely annoing ... :(


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After that I could reliably reproduce the unresponsivity of the right side of the Touchpad. Here

is a short (and bad) video (in German). I also did phone to the MS support who intended to pass this bug report to the MS engineering.