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Surface book 2 touchpad issue


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Sorry to post a question as my first post, let me know if there's a forum where I should introduce myself before :)

I've just received a Surface Book 2 (i7, 1TB, 16GB RAM), and I have a question about the touchpad. The top part (the part closer to the keys) is very hard to press, while the bottom part works just fine. Also if I tap on the top right corner, the touchpad misses some taps.

Is this the intended behaviour (ie, only use the bottom part) or should I contact MS support?

Has anyone else had the same experience?




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If this a new Surface Book, you should contact Microsoft. If it is pre-owned, contact the seller.


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As with many PC's that have a touchpad, the top, upper corners - will not depress, but you should be able to use the top portion to select, move, highlight etc.... At least mine works this way.
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