1. I

    Wobbly type cover trackpad

    For quite a number of months this year, something strange has happened to my SP4's type cover. When I'm carrying it around mobile, the trackpad works steadily. But when I return to my desk, where I have a bluetooth Sculpt Comfort mouse to use, the trackpad sensor goes rather haywire and sends...
  2. C

    Surface Pro 2 Trackpad Error

    EDIT: Yes, already lol. I have been able to consistently recreate the issue. When I click one finger towards the bottom of the trackpad, it acts as a right click. When I click higher up on trackpad, it works correctly. I will be headed back to MS yet again tomorrow for SP2 number 3, in 3 days...
  3. X

    Surface 3 Trackpad problem

    I have got a problem with my Surface 3 and hopefully there is someone in this forum who is able to give me a solution to solve it. Back then i bought my Surface 3 with a typecover as a bundle but for some time now it is kinda bugged. Every time i use the trackpad of the typecover my Surface is...
  4. mrfroid

    Surface Pro 4 type cover with... plastic trackpad?

    Can it be so? I bought a keyboard from amazon site in Germany, but on arrival I found out that it's with QWERTZ layout so I ordered another one from polish Microsoft site. The moment I started using this polish version, something felt wrong - I just couldn't tell what. Then I checked german...
  5. N

    Any way to customise trackpad gestures?

    Is there any way to customise the trackpad gestures on the surface book? For example, a 3 finger tap opens Cortana (or action center if you wish), but can I change it to act as a middle click? Can I use a two finger swipe back to go back a page in Edge? Or a three finger drag to move windows...
  6. C

    Questions Before I Order

    So I am about to order the Surface Book 256/i7/8. And wanted to know some of your opinions. I have been looking around the past few days on this forum and as expected I saw a pretty good amount of issues being the 1st gen for this product. So far what I have seen is a not so good battery...
  7. J

    Trackpad Issues

    I have had my SB for a few days now and fortunately have not had many issues. However, from time to time, after I wake up the computer I have noticed that my pointer has disappeared from the screen and will not come back even when I click the track pad. I then have to restart the computer to...