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Surface 3 Trackpad problem


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I have got a problem with my Surface 3 and hopefully there is someone in this forum who is able to give me a solution to solve it. Back then i bought my Surface 3 with a typecover as a bundle but for some time now it is kinda bugged. Every time i use the trackpad of the typecover my Surface is just going into standby like i would press the power button. Afterwards it is working faultless again. I just have to press the power button, but it is really annoying not be able to use the trackpad even tho the actual keyboard is working perfectly fine. Unluckily the warranty expired so i can not just write the support to get a new one.
Does anybody have a solution to solve this really annoying problem? I would be really happy about one! :)


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Welcome xGorz

Have you tried uninstalling the type cover from device manager? Then re-connect the keyboard and have windows automatically re-install the driver.


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Hello hughlle :)
Thanks for your answer, no i have not tried that yet. I will try this next week since i am not at home this weekend. I am thankful for every other comment! :)