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Surface Pro 2 Trackpad Error


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EDIT: Yes, already lol. I have been able to consistently recreate the issue. When I click one finger towards the bottom of the trackpad, it acts as a right click. When I click higher up on trackpad, it works correctly. I will be headed back to MS yet again tomorrow for SP2 number 3, in 3 days. Must be a record.


I purchased my SP2 yesterday and had to return it today because the computer was freezing on simple actions. I purchased an i7 processor so this should be far from an issue. I am using my new one to ensure no issues, however, it seems that every few clicks or so the one finger click behaves as a right click.

I am transitioning from a MacBook Pro where I never had any issues of this nature, and am concerned that this is just simply not ready yet? I am no longer used to issues like these as it has been so long since I have had a PC and never experienced this with Apple. I switched because I absolutely love the functionality, capabilities, and power of the SB2 for the price, but for something simple like trackpad issues I am concerned. Has anyone else experienced this, and is there any known fix?

I have of course ran all updates to firmware, drivers, etc. No known updates available.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi. Welcome to the forum. Just to clarify.... Are you talking about the Surface Pro 2 or the Surface Book 2? In your post you use both SP2 and SB2, and you are in the Surface Pro 2 forum. We might be able to help you better if we know what device you have, although the Surface Pros and Surface Books are pretty much identical in functionality. Thanks!

BTW. I have both the Surface Pro 2 and the Surface Pro 2017 with no problems from either of them. Hopefully someone here can come up with an easy fix for you.

A few more things. Did you know that you can go into "All Settings", "Devices", and change the touchpad scrolling direction so it matches what you are used to on a MacBook Pro? In other words, when you slide your fingers up, the page scrolls up. When you slide your fingers down, the page scrolls down. Another thing is that touchpad functionality is a little different on a PC than it is on a Mac. The touchpad on a PC has a left and right click that works by clicking on the bottom. The right click on the bottom brings up the Context menu. The left click on the bottom selects where you want your cursor to be, and can also be used to select text. Not only can you change the scrolling direction, but there are several other settings for the touchpad you can change. You can change the cursor speed, the touchpad sensitivity, what tapping and gestures do, and more. You can also reset your touchpad to default settings. You can even use your touchpad to perform other Windows actions like displaying all your open apps. Then there are also additional settings and advanced gesture configuration, all within the touchpad settings. I don't know if you have tried any of this, but it's surely worth checking out. The flexibility and configuration possibilities on the Surface Pros and Surface Books are phenomenal. BTW....All 3 of my PC's act the same as what you are describing.

I have had MacBook Pros, and Mac Minis and like them. As you can see from my forum avatar, I like both Apple and Microsoft. I love my Apple watch, iPhone, and Apple TV 4th gen. We have 3 iPads in the house that get used a lot. I love technology in general and have never been one to place myself in one camp or the other. Both Apple and Microsoft have useful, quality products that are fun to use. What I usually tell people is, that the best computer platform is the one you like to use the best. I consider myself lucky, in that I like them both.

Below are screenshots of my Surface Pro 2017 and HP Envy.

Surface Pro 2017
Screenshot (6).png

HP Envy
Screenshot (50).png
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