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  1. Sandswimmer

    Solved Surface Pro 4 type cover is not detected and not showing in Device Manager

    My Surface Pro Type cover has stopped working a few days ago for no apparent reason. I have spent hours on this , cleaning the port, rebooting in UFI, reinstalling windows from the Recovery Image, updating Windows to its latest version, following every possible advise I could find about this...
  2. I

    Wobbly type cover trackpad

    For quite a number of months this year, something strange has happened to my SP4's type cover. When I'm carrying it around mobile, the trackpad works steadily. But when I return to my desk, where I have a bluetooth Sculpt Comfort mouse to use, the trackpad sensor goes rather haywire and sends...
  3. M

    Type 4 cover recognized as mouse, not touchpad

    I am using a Type 4 cover and it's being recognized by my SP3 as mouse and keyboard, not touchpad. I want to disable tough-click so that I don't accidentally click on something. I can do that on the touchpad configuration but not mouse config.
  4. M

    Surface Type Cover not recognized, likely due to a driver issue

    hi all, i have a surface pro 3 with a type cover 4 (i got the surface pro4 type cover) running windows 10 and the type cover is no longer being recognized out of the blue. I have tried many troubleshooting methods, but none have worked so far. I opened device manager and i noticed the only...
  5. L

    SP4TC: Fingerprinter Reader fails after a while

    For starters: A healthy and succesful 2016 for everyone here at Surface Forums! Now, on to business :) I recently had a type cover with fingerprint reader for my Surface Pro 3 shipped over from the US to Europe, and I must say it's great as a keyboard! The spacing of the keys is much better...