uefi recovery

  1. mikecox

    mirror image incompatibility re BIOS

    I've been experiencing weird problems with my Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere Elements programs as well as my explorer2 program, which crashes all too frequently. I've posted some of these issues here and on other user forums and none of the issues I'm having have been experienced, or...
  2. T

    SP2 not boot (UEFI)

    Hello! I bought my parents a present surface. and so it turned out that the tablet is unfortunately not earned. Here's how it looks: I know that you say: "download a recovery image from the official site" but I cant Please help. Tried chkdsk /f (and r) - x Repair Windows - x Repair...
  3. C

    Issues with booting recovery USB drive

    Hi. The problem I'm facing is that I created a usb drive with the surface recovery image from the microsoft webpage and I can't get the tablet to boot off it. I'm following the procedure and I have tried the thumbdrive on a different tablet where it works there just fine. I do have to mention...

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