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    USB-C and Power supply

    I am posing this for information for users of the Surface Pro 6 as I might be handy info for some users. I wanted to get a second power supply as there is nothing worse then accidentally leaving your single power supply behind, but I also wanted more ports and powered ports than the rather...
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    Mouse getting stuck when through powered hub?

    Hi. Here's my basic problem. When I plug my mouse in (I actually have two mice) to my Surface Pro running Windows 10 through a hub, the cursor gets "stuck" in the lower left hand corner, around the Cortana/"Ask me anything" field. The hub is a powered Belkin hub and I have been using it for...
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    Solved Powered USB Hub for SP4 with Dock and no Jitters?

    Hi I have a big problem with a jittery cursor when I use my SP4 with the type cover touchpad. I use the SP4 with the Surface Dock running the latest firmware. I need more USB connections than provided by the Dock and so I am trying a powered USB hub (this one...