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USB-C and Power supply

Nic Wilson

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I am posing this for information for users of the Surface Pro 6 as I might be handy info for some users.

I wanted to get a second power supply as there is nothing worse then accidentally leaving your single power supply behind, but I also wanted more ports and powered ports than the rather silly design of a single USB-A 3.0 port that does not supply the usual power a USB3.0 port does. I investigated and tested many solutions and settled on the following as it works extremely well.

Hardware used:
Microsoft USB-C adaptor
Satechi Aluminium USB-C multi-port adapter V2 with 4K and Ethernet
Apple USB-C 65W power supply.

As the Surface power/expansion port can handle faster speeds than the single USB-A port can it was the obvious port to use, and it also meant the power supply could not only power the Surface Pro 6 but could also power the USB ports on the hub. After looking at many hubs the Satechi USB-C V2 hub was chosen as it performed better than others I tried and the USB-C power pass through worked, and it also included 3 USB-A ports, a 4K HDMI port and a Ethernet port. The Apple 65W USB-C power supply was chosen as it seemed the best overall value for money and a known good working power supply.

The Microsoft USB-C adapter fits to the Surface pro in the same port the power supply normally goes in. The Satechi USB-C hub then connects to it and it can work without a power supply for battery only use. The hub has a pass through USB-C power port that supplies power to both the hub ports and to the Surface Pro. The Apple PD USB-C power supply connects to this port via the included USB-C to USB-C power cord and it powers and charges the unit.

I have tried all the ports and with various normal and SSD drives on this hub and the whole setup works flawlessly and is an all round good solution to extra ports and power supply for the Surface Pro 6

Nic Wilson
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