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Mouse getting stuck when through powered hub?


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Hi. Here's my basic problem. When I plug my mouse in (I actually have two mice) to my Surface Pro running Windows 10 through a hub, the cursor gets "stuck" in the lower left hand corner, around the Cortana/"Ask me anything" field. The hub is a powered Belkin hub and I have been using it for months and months. On my home setup, I have a lot of periphs and an external monitor. The weird thing is, this would happen every once in awhile when I was all plugged in at home. What would fix it is, I would unplug and then replug the monitor. If I did that once or twice it will always fix the problem. It's been like that for many months, maybe over a year.

Well, that started happening again today and the monitor unplug/plug trick didn't work. So I tried my second mouse, same problem. I plugged the mouse directly into the surface, and the problem disappeared. So it appears to be with the hub.

Now, as I mentioned, I have a bunch of periphs. And I have not one but two hubs, one larger powered Belkin and a smaller unpowered Sabrent. I've always plugged the Belkin directly into the Surface and then plugged the Sabrent into it. But, as I said, today that doesn't seem to work with my mouse. My mouse (actually both of them) will work plugged directly into the surface or through my Sabrent hub. But anytime I try the Belkin I get the cursor sticking problem.

Now, all of my other periphs (external hd, disc drive, etc) work fine through the Belkin. It's only the mouse. For the time being I can probably get by with the Sabrent, but I need to either fix this or get a new larger capacity hub. That may seem like the simplest solution, but.... what if it happens again? I'd like to figure out what's going on to make this happen rather than buy new hardware which otherwise seems to be working ok. Any ideas what is going on, and how to fix it? Thanks in advance.