1. K

    Dock - nothing but trouble

    Surface Book i7 512 (just opened yesterday). A plethora of issues and I'm on my second dock with no resolution! Connecting anything USB is mostly broken. I cannot connect even something simple like a USB mouse or keyboard; the Book doesn't beep; it's like it isn't detecting the connections...
  2. sharpuser

    GPS on the Surface Book

    The US Globalsat ND-100 GPS Dongle works great with my Surface Book. I am quite sure it will also work with the Surface Pro 4, since it also works with my Surface Pro 3. Plug and play. Mostly play. 1) Plug in the dongle to any USB port on the Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 or Surface Pro 3...
  3. R

    Solved Unable to boot from USB device (Linux Mint 17)

    I've gone through a bunch of resources online to figure out how to install Mint 17 Cinnamon along side Win10 on the surface book. From what I can tell it should be possible without major issues (outside of probably touch screen compatibility and maybe some other driver issues). I've been unable...
  4. J

    Surface Pro 3 Dock USB 3.0 ports slow

    I have noticed that a USB 3.0 drive plugged into the 3.0 port on the dock transfers at 2.o speeds arox. 36 mbs from the drive to the surface. Then if you take the same drive and plug it into the usb 3.0 port on the surface itself, it transfers at over 120mbs. Can anyone confirm this? I'm...

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