visual studio 2013

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    I have a problem with SQL @ Visual Studio

    hello to all . i have microsoft surface pro4 corei5 -8 G - 256 i installed visual stadio 2013 & SQL 2014. After trasferring my project from my old laptop ( win7 & Visual stadio 2010) Bad things design windows form, Objects in my all of form is disarray butt when i run the same form...
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    Surface Pro for OpenGL and Unity Development

    Hello, i would like to buy a surface pro device for developing opengl and unity when i am mobile. In general i am programing in C/C++ and Java via Visual Studio 2013 and Eclipse. So my choice is one of the following two devices: 1. Surface Pro 3 i5/128GB/4GB RAM 2. Surface Pro 4 i5/128GB/4GB RAM...
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    Problem with Visual Studio and SQL connection string on SP3

    I'm having a problem running a VS project using a SQL connection string on the SP3 . I do not have this problem on the desktop using the same connection string. I was curious if anyone else had this problem and how it was corrected. Using VS2012 and using this connection string on the...