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    SP3 Video glitches after last Intel display update

    My SP3 video performance has gotten very glitchy since the last update. Screen remains black when trying to wake from sleep. The only thing that gets it back is if I plug in an external monitor and/or dock with a screen. If I don't have one available, I have to force reboot - losing all my work...
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    Surface Pro 3 Not Waking Up

    I have only had my surface pro 3 for a year and 3 months. It has not woken up multiple times from putting it to sleep over the past year where I have to press the buttons to restart it and it usually works fine then. This past week, two weeks after my warranty is up, I was on it and put it to...
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    That problem that microsoft just won't fix

    This is a new thread to a long standing issue that has been addressed in other threads but i have never fond an answer to. No matter how i set up my SP4 it will just not reliably wake from hibernation. i disabled the keyboard actions, set the power button to hibernate and/or to end hibernation...