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SP3 Video glitches after last Intel display update


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My SP3 video performance has gotten very glitchy since the last update. Screen remains black when trying to wake from sleep. The only thing that gets it back is if I plug in an external monitor and/or dock with a screen. If I don't have one available, I have to force reboot - losing all my work!

Also, suddenly full screen video on the Netflix app maxes out my processor causing it to really cook and eventually thermally limit such that the video gets jittery. Video was never taxing to the system before.

This started happening just at the turn of Feb 2017 when three major updated occurred. Win10 update "Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3211320)" that occurred Jan 25th. The firmware update occurred on Feb 1st, but it doesn't have any identifier. Finally there was an intel display update the same date Feb 1st: "Intel Corporation - Display - 12/16/2016 12:00:00 AM -" As far as I can tell, anyone of these could be the culprit, but I imagine the Display update to be the most likely problem.

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Good suggestion, but when I tried that the problem persisted (reverted to a Nov 2015 driver). Thus I now think it is not the display driver. (Intel HD Graphics 5000)

With more experience I should clarify that the screen blanks out only after I've had it plugged into an external screen (either with the latest doc or with USB dongle, doesn't matter). Thus here's the behavior:

1) After several hours plugged into another monitor I unplug it.
2) The screen goes black then comes back as the SP3 resets to a single screen mode.
3) ~3 seconds after the screen is back on (no input capability during this time) the screen goes black again.
4) Screen will not resume until I force reboot OR I plug it back into another screen (doesn't have to be the same as the original). If I again unplug from the screen the same thing happens.

Note: the SP3 screen backlight is on the entire time.