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Surface Pro 3 Not Waking Up


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I have only had my surface pro 3 for a year and 3 months. It has not woken up multiple times from putting it to sleep over the past year where I have to press the buttons to restart it and it usually works fine then. This past week, two weeks after my warranty is up, I was on it and put it to sleep and 3 hours later it would not wake up. I've tried everything from charging it to resetting it by holding down the buttons they suggest, and done this with and without the keyboard attached. when I hold down the button, every ten seconds the charger light blinks as if it is recognizing the device but it still won't turn on. Microsoft wants to charge $450 to service it or $99 to speak to someone on the phone which is ridiculous and I'd rather just save up and buy a different product not by Microsoft. Does anyone else have this problem or any solution to fix it? I've seen an article lately about battery issues for the surface pro 3 but I'm not sure if that is the issue.