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    The unit is abnormally hot

    Hi I have a MS Surface Book, and there are serveral units in my company as well. All most all the Book are abnormally hot. I can cook a hot meal on it. I have downloaded the lastes driver for the book, and also for the docking. Any idea of what it can bee? Regards Narna
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    SP4 Fan Params ?

    Hi all, while gaming, the SP4 is going warm. But the problem is that the fan does not activate itself, and the SP4 shuts down to cool down. I tried to find the fan's parameters and looked for related topics on the internet, without success. Does somebody know about this ? Thanks in advance...
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    Why is the SB's display so red?

    The display on my SB (opened new from the box 10 minutes ago) has a really warm display (i.e. the whites on the screen do not look white, but look ever so slightly red). I have tried the colour calibration tool in windows and some other 3rd party calibration tools but that does not really fix...