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SP4 Fan Params ?


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Hi all,

while gaming, the SP4 is going warm. But the problem is that the fan does not activate itself, and the SP4 shuts down to cool down.

I tried to find the fan's parameters and looked for related topics on the internet, without success.

Does somebody know about this ?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Wish you a nice evening.



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Yes you're right. I asked here because I guess they won't try to find a solution and say to recover the device...
I wrote to Microsoft Support on Twitter, we'll see what will be their answer.
Thanks for answering btw !


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I returned bACK my surface pro 4 for high temperature.
The fan are locked! i checked with all programs and speed Fan but they are locked/invisible.
I don't understand the microsoft's problem to make a more flexible system (fan are locked, battery saving's settings need regedit and if fix they deactivete fast boot).

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