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Why is the SB's display so red?


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The display on my SB (opened new from the box 10 minutes ago) has a really warm display (i.e. the whites on the screen do not look white, but look ever so slightly red).

I have tried the colour calibration tool in windows and some other 3rd party calibration tools but that does not really fix it (it can make it look slightly less red, but everything on the display looks terrible)

Is there a way to make it a bit cooler & natural (a bit more blue)?


While it's possible that the is something wrong with your display, more likely that you are used to inaccurate displays. It is my understanding that MS calibrates the display to have a white balance of 6500k, which is the standard. Unfortunately, most displays are far too blue. So what you consider "natural" is, in fact, not natural.

But in order to adjust white balance, you probably require 3rd party calibration tool