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    Surface pen usage

    Help, I’ve got a problem. When I want to use my pen in Office 365 Word on my Surface, I first have to select a pen. When done writing (and wanting to scroll or zoom) I first have to unselect pen. Otherwise I apply ink with my fingers. When starting to write again, same procedure. In trying to...
  2. D

    Stylus and Word

    I take notes in word using a surface pen. How do I make it so my word document goes full screen and doesn't move when my hand brushes over the document. I've googled and can't seem to find a solution
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    Surface Pen - Word, Excel Annotating

    Running into an issue with Surface Pen when annotating (inking) in either Microsoft Word 2016 and/or Excel 2016. When touching the pen to the screen and making an annotation, the document is marked in a completely different area of the screen nowhere close to where the pen is touching the...
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    SP4 Pen use in Word

    Is there a work-around to use the pen as a pointer/mouse in Word 2016? It wants to just draw. I understand that MSFT is aware and actively working on a switch for the user to select either draw or mouse, but I do not think it has been issued at this point.