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10% Coupon Code?

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Have any of you ordered using a 10% coupon code and if so what do I need to get one? If I can get one that would save about $113 + tax off my order so yeah I'll call Microsoft, cancel and reorder!

I should have googled before starting a thread sorry... This is an education discount and while I have a son who is going into the 12th grade this tablet is not for him, it is for me.

Mods can feel free to delete this thread as this was totally about google.
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Other than authenticating to see if that e-mail address actually exists, do they do anything else such e-mail that account?

My g/f's niece has an e-mail account she said we can use, but I'd hate for her to receive any unnecessary e-mails.

The only 10% off I know of is for students. I was able to get the 10% because of my student email address.
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