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Potential Good Deal on i7 SP3

I currently have the i5 256GB version, but yesterday had the itch to upgrade to the i7. Staples had a 15% off Technology coupon, so I went in, pre-ordered the i7 256GB from the kiosk, chose pay at register, and used the coupon. It came out to a total of $1,316.65! No sales tax added!

On top of this I used my Chase Ink Bold credit card with Visa Savings Edge to pay which gets me 6% cash back at Office Supply stores, and my Staples Rewards which gets 5% back in Staples cash. So out the door price of $1,171.82 if you include all discounts and rewards! MSRP with sales tax in my state would have been $1,647.36 with no discounts.

The 15% sale is over, BUT there is a chance this will come back soon. They had this same sale last weekend. And you may be able to still get it without tax being added. YMMV of course.


Nice...awesome planning.....I wish I would have waited and planned out to pay less....
Don't get me wrong...I LOVE LOVE LOVE my SP3...but paying less always makes anything better
Great deal. I wish I lived in one of those states doing the back to school tax free weekend on computers. But alas I don't.


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Is the Staples 15% off coupon still available? I see one that expired on July 20.<br/>

Check with your local staples. Latest offer ended on July 27th but my local store still let me use the coupon. Talk to the manager.